Mindfulness Meditation (Satisampajañña)


Mindfulness Meditation, ‘The Practice of Satisampajañña’, is a key practice of modern day peoples’ lives far and wide. We, everyone needs a personal time to think. In the right moment with mindfulness (sati) and appropriate awareness (sampajañña), this can be accomplished. In today’s world multitasking has been a key factor over the life of the uni-tasking. Although, Buddhist teachings are not very much vocal about the importance of two of them in isolation, it always talks about being good at each activity one involves oneself with. Therefore, mindfulness Meditation (The Practice of Satisampajañña) is an important practice in everyone’s life to better spend those moments of multitasking and uni-tasking. At Ottawa Buddhist Monastery we offer two regular meditation sessions in English on a weekly basis.  

Session One

Every Tuesday from 7pm to 8.30pm (Starting from Feb 06, 2018)

Conducted by Bhante Hue Quang 

(Visiting Dhamma Teacher)

Please Contact Bhante here before your arrival.

Session Two 

(This event was discontinued until further notice. However, you can set up an appointment to have a One-on-one Mindfulness Meditation session. Please contact Ven. Dr. Chandima here )

Every Sunday from 5.30pm to 7.00pm 

Conducted by Venerable. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima